MS TCDC offers a range of Training Programs for development practitioners.


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21st September 2020
The interactive experience of advanced financial management for finance professional will show how finance works in today’s fast-moving business environment.
28th September 2020
Enhance your supervisory, management and leadership skills - from leading self- to leading or mentoring others, to leading organisations.
05th October 2020
Understand the principles, practices and emerging issues in cities and urban governance in the African context.
05th October 2020
Acquire participatory tools and methods for building public accountability and transparency to initiate people centered advocacy processes.


MS TCDC is the acronym for MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, a state of the art development management training institution located in the East African region, situated in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.

Actionaid Denmark is our founding organisation, a Danish NGO, which today has a global presence through its affiliation with ActionAid International.

Throughout the year, and since 1967, MS TCDC has deepened the roots in offering different trainings and workshops which run concurrently in a lively international atmosphere promoting the sharing of experience and cross cultural mediation. Our excellent facilities together with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere makes MS TCDC an ideal place for reflection and learning.

MS TCDC offers a range of standard short courses and tailor made trainings, academic programmes, Swahili language courses, as well as consultancy and advisory services.

Furthermore, we offer conference, seminar and workshop facilities, which benefit from our range of accommodation services, our comfortable and equipped venues.

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