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A New Unique Partnership Between MS TCDC and Danida Fellowship Centre

Titled Together for Impact, the new partnership between two experienced training institutions, Danida Fellowship Centre in Denmark and MS TCDC in Tanzania is now being launched.

The launch of the partnership will take place on 12 December at 4 – 5 pm EAT at MS TCDC in Arusha, Tanzania.

See the programme highlights of the launch

The purpose of the new partnership Together for Impact is to strengthen the impact of the two institutions' learning courses and to help the participants bring the knowledge they gain into practice.

500 young people from across Africa, who are participating in the annual YouLead Summit will be part of the launch of the Partnership, Together for Impact. Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet, Denmark's Ambassador to Tanzania, Ulla Næsby Tawiah, Director Danida Fellowship Centre, Makena Mwobobia, Director MS TCDC and Julie Koch, International Director ActionAid Denmark will officiate the launch.

Together, Danida Fellowship Centre and MS TCDC represent more than 100 years of experience in transformative training. Danida Fellowship Centre primarily offers learning programmes for policymakers, public and private sector practitioners, and academia to learn, share and apply their knowledge for sustainable impact. MS TCDC primarily offers capacity development for social transformation through the empowerment of civil society organizations, citizens in general and young people in particular.

The Together for Impact partnership is a golden opportunity for both Danida Fellowship Centre and MS TCDC to benefit from each other's competence areas. It offers us the opportunity to learn from African solutions to our global challenges, and to share Danish solutions with our African partners, says Ulla Næsby Tawiah, Director Danida Fellowship Centre.

Africa today needs unique partnerships that believe in African-led solutions. So partnerships that meaningfully engage the young people for practical solutions, this is what Together for Impact represents, says Makena Mwobobia, Director MS TCDC.

Denmark and Tanzania have been partners in development for over 60 years. The partnership between Danida Fellowship Centre and MS TCDC builds on that foundation, and will continue to develop strong ties between our two countries, says Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet, Denmark’s Ambassador to Tanzania.

We are thrilled about this partnership in particular for supporting young people and the green transition in the region, says Julie Koch, International Director, ActionAid Denmark

The Together for Impact partnership will have a special focus on developing innovative and effective methodologies for learning in the three main areas: 1) Learning for Change, 2) Youth Leadership for Change, and 3) Enablers for Change.

The partnership is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


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