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MS TCDC Course Cancellation Policy

  • In order to run a course, MS TCDC requires a minimum of twelve (12) participants; should this quorum number not be achieved   MS TCDC will inform the participants that the course has been postponed to a later date for TCDC to meet the minimum requirement Participants can choose to receive a refund or take the course on the next available date. MS TCDC will make a full refund to participants within fourteen (14) working days from the date the participant gives a written communication for a refund request.
  • Participants who wish to attend the course at a later date may do so, and MS TCDC will keep the funds for no longer than twelve (12) months, after which the student will be required to apply for a refund. Participants will not get a refund if it is not requested within twelve (12) months. 
  • MS TCDC will make a full refund to participants should the course be cancelled. Participants are required to inform the course administrator in writing, who will then provide further guidance.
  • MS TCDC will make a full refund to participants who send written communication stating that they will not be able to attend a course for health reasons, work-related reasons, or family emergencies at least three days before the course commencement date.
  • MS TCDC will retain a fifty per cent (50%) registration fee of the total tuition cost if the participant cancels after the course has commenced with no valid reason or prior communication. 
  • All refunds will be paid within fourteen (14) working days from the day a request is made.


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